Friday, December 11, 2009

Got 'Em!

Yup, I got the keys last night! I have to go in early today and prep as well as be there to receive our order from the supplier. I have approximately two hours before Chef comes to do a lot of prep but luckily a few items on there are to cook pasta which takes hardly any time at all, not to mention that it doesn't take any supervision (other than timing it properly so it doesn't overcook). While the pasta cools I can make the chicken pot pie and the cauliflower gratin after which I can portion the pasta. I think I also have to cut some greens for my salads but that should not take long and can be done to order if need be. It's the pot pie and the gratin that absolutely have to be done by dinner time as we have none left. Oh, and pull the meat off the roasted chickens.

There. That's not so bad is it? Chef should be in around 3 pm, ideally I'd like to be done with most of the stuff on the list so I can be out of his way. He is coming in to bake cookies again -- those cookies are so good we can't seem to keep them in the house -- and to make the BBQ sauce. I'm supposed to do it as well but I don't think I can get that in by the time he comes.

Today will be all about speed. I'd like to see how much I can get done in two hours. I'm always in awe of Chef who comes in around 11 or so each day and by the time I show up he has prepped and cooked his way through half the menu. How does he do it?

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