Friday, September 18, 2009

All I Wanna Do Is Have Some Fun

I'm a little worried that I'll be called in to work today before I can finish packing for my trip and before I get a chance to do all the last minute things that I need to do. As I sit here typing I see dark, storm clouds slowly taking over the sky over my house. I also know the schedule today has the first p.m cook coming in at 3 pm which means the Sous will be alone in the kitchen after the breakfast cook is supposed to leave at 1 pm. If it rains, it will force all the golfers off the course (and there are 350 of them today according to the T-sheet) and into the dining room. To say they are short-staffed for this afternoon would be an understatement, hence my trepidation at being called in.

Today is my last shift before my vacation and I am glad I am scheduled to be in at 4 pm (instead of 2 pm). It'll make the work day a breeze to get through because, as you should know by now, dinner service starts at 5 pm so I only have an hour to kill. I mean prep.

Some tartar sauce, some rice and maybe some romaine and the prep hour will be gone. Dinner will be over in a flash if we are expecting that many people and then I'll be hanging up my white jacket and pants for a whole week. Can't wait!

I feel the need to preface next week's blog, provided I am able to find a wireless connection and blog at all. It'll likely be a break from kitchen talk from the cook's perspective and become food talk from a diner's perspective. I plan to eat my way through Myrtle Beach and Charleston in hopes to find some southern cuisine favorites, so next week's blog might be more of a traveling foodie blog. Just sayin'.

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