Thursday, September 24, 2009

Rockefeller Raw Bar

Yesterday's dinner was at an establishment called Rockefeller Raw Bar. I wouldn't call it a restaurant, although it does serve food. Good food. The place has more of a diner feel to it. You can perch yourself on a stool at the bar to enjoy a cold one and a smoke -- yep, indoor smoking not banned in this place -- or you can take a seat in a captain chair at any of the tables in there. The tables, although not many, have high turnover. The place is packed with locals, which is exactly what I have been searching for all week long.

Finding the place was another story. We looked for it up and down Myrtle Beach. We had the address. There was no 3613 on Kings Hwy though. And there was also no traffic light at the intersection of 37 St and Kings Hwy. After going around about four times, the fourth time on foot, we decided to call the place. On the phone, April promptly advised us that they are located in North Myrtle Beach, and NOT the north side of Myrtle Beach. So basically we were in the wrong town. After driving north for another 15 minutes we reached Barefoot Landing, just one mile south of where we needed to be. That's it, we were one mile north. At which time Jen, who was driving, decides to turn into one of the parking lots there. At my puzzled look, she tells me she wasn't sure if I still wanted to go there for dinner since I was just sitting in the passenger seat, "bitching". Now you have to know that although I have been stewing I haven't actually said anything for the last 20 minutes of the drive so when accused of bitching I snapped. "What do you mean I'm bitching? I haven't said a goddamn thing! I haven't said a goddamn thing!" I furiously throw my cell phone -- I was still holding it although I had made the phone call 20 minutes or so ago -- on the dashboard. I must have thrown it pretty hard. It went to where the dashboard meets the windshield and it must have bounced a bit because the next thing I noticed was the large spider-web crack in my windshield. Later Jen would tell me she actually said "bitchy" and not "bitching", and that it may have been a poor choice of words given that I was merely sulking, and indeed not saying much... Now you tell me!

Well, after all this of course we decided that we were going to have a meal, gosh darn it, and enjoy it! So we did. Oysters Rockefeller and Scallops wrapped in bacon to start and for entrees I had the Shrimp 'n Grits (my first time trying grits) and Jen had a grouper dinner. Grouper seems to a fixture among dining establishments here. The food was good. Not sure it was worth the $600 I'll likely have to pay for my windshield replacement, but it was good.

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