Wednesday, September 16, 2009

A Slow, Slow Wednesday... and some blood.

Our knives are sharp. Want to know how sharp? I was putting together a sandwich and as I reached for my spreader which was on the cutting board, next to the knife, the tip of my middle finger merely touched the knife's blade. Slice! That was all it took for the tip of my finger to start bleeding. Dropping everything, I went to the sink to examine the wound. A superficial cut but a bleeding one nonetheless. Two minutes later the band-aid is on, a finger condom is over it and I'm good to go. Problem is that every time I go wash my hands water gets in there and wets the band-aid which then falls off, so all night I'm playing in the first-aid kit. Not to mention how funny it looks as it is my right middle finger that's afflicted, and how that will interfere with other activities, such as... typing. It stings!

Today would be another slow day, made even slower by the fact that I am two days away from a week's vacation in sunny (or stormy, according to the weather channel) South Carolina. Saturday morning Jen and I are packing the car and taking a road trip with Myrtle Beach as our final destination and beautiful Charleston, SC also on the itinerary. I last visited Charleston and Myrtle Beach more than ten years ago and I am excited to revisit both places and be a witness to Jen experiencing them for the first time. Our only problem will be Charlie who we've decided to take with us thus limiting our options as far as lodging goes. I'm sure everything will work out in the end but it is cause for some trepidation. At the moment we are also trying to find a room providing wireless service so that I might keep the promise of blogging daily.

I'll be sure to let you know how it all turned out but now I must give my sore middle finger a rest.

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