Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Charleston, Georgetown and Cafe Paradiso...

So last night we went to Jimmy Buffet's Margaritaville only to turn around and leave. It was not a restaurant, although I am sure they serve food. It was a tourist trap, full of screaming children and balloon animals. It was Rainforest Cafe meets Captain Hook, or some such thing. I just wanted good food and atmosphere and unfortunately this did not look like it could provide either. We had to find another place for dinner, which we did, nearby. The place is not worth mentioning, neither is the food.

Today we got in the car for our trip to Charleston, SC. We would stop in Georgetown on the way, since Georgetown is pretty much in between Myrtle Beach and Charleston. In Charleston we parked the car on the waterfront and explored on foot -- the only way to get around without going crazy. It is still packed with tourists and it is hard to imagine what it is like during peak season. The houses along East Bay Street's waterfront look something like this (see below). Can you imagine someone actually lives there? This is a residence, and all the houses along that strip look like this.

After we walked around for over an hour in search of a place with a patio we found Cafe Paradiso. My plans of finding Bubba's did not work out as the heat outside was unbearable and there was no way to leave Charlie in the car. This worked out well though, the place was very inviting so we would have our lunch here. We each had a fried flounder hoagie with fries. Charlie had to settle for the occasional fry we threw his way...

Once we were watered and fed it was time to try to find the car and head back to Myrtle Beach. Another hour on foot was too much for Charlie and Jen who were both asleep as soon as the car started moving. I think I'll have no trouble leaving Charlie alone in the room tonight as we go to dinner.

I have not given up on food around here, there's another place I am going to check out. It's an oyster bar. Wish me luck, so far Bummz was the only place that met expectations.

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