Saturday, September 26, 2009

A day of Less than Mediocre Food

Today's food would be kind that you pick up off the side of the highway, mostly because there will be no time to stop and have a decent meal if I want to be home before midnight. We have decided to stay in Washington for a few extra hours so we'll be getting home around midnight instead of 10 pm. The last leg of the trip is 10 hours long so if you count stopping for gas and a quick bite, well, you do the math. At least my day will start off right with a cup (or two) of organic coffee brewed "the turkish way", in a pot.

Yesterday's dinner was at an Indian fast food place. I wish they had these where I live -- if they do, I do not know of them. At the front of the restaurant -- because there is a restaurant in the back, through a different door, there is a large buffet-style display. You know, chafing dishes, sneeze guard, the works. Various dishes are displayed there with a little card above them so that it makes ordering easy and so that one also knows what main ingredients are in each dish. We brought home butter chicken, lamb curry, alu gobi and some lentil dish whose name I don't remember. Each came with a choice of naan or rice so we opted for two dishes with naan and two with rice. The naan were huge, I swear they were the size of a medium pizza. The food was delicious, I'll be thinking of it when I'm eating Subway or something similar by the side of the road today with a dog in my lap.

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