Saturday, September 12, 2009

Sibbald Point Provincial Park

"You're packing us a lunch and we're going to the beach" said Jen at 10 this morning. I dutifully went to find the Coleman cooler in our basement, dragged it up the stairs and filled it with sandwiches, sliced cukes and tomatoes, pitas and dip, fresh raspberries and drinking water (the latter was for Charlie the Chihuahua).

Half an hour later the car was loaded and we were on route to Wasaga Beach. We never got there. As it would take us over an hour to get to Wasaga Beach we detoured and stopped at Sibbald Point instead. Entrance fee was $13 (per vehicle). There were discounts for seniors as well as the disabled but we qualified for neither. Another $13 got us an inflatable water mattress (green), two bottles of water and one of root beer. It would be all we needed for an awesome day outdoors. Charlie the Chihuahua will sleep well tonight. Unfortunately not the same can be said for Jen whose back soaked up all the afternoon sun before I could get any...

Rolled in back home around 7 pm, I threw together a quick dinner (vegetable and tilapia fillet parcels: one tilapia fillet atop julienned peppers, leeks and zucchini with a splash of white wine and a dollop of butter, all wrapped tightly in aluminum foil as I had no parchment paper) and we headed out again for a meeting of the Jens. Two of my friends have wives named Jen, and my Jen makes three. Whenever the six of us get together, I call it a meeting of the Jens. It was funnier when we all worked together. Every day at work we'd exchange pleasantries: "How's Jen?" "Good, and Jen?" "And how about your Jen?" It was cause for some serious eye rolling and chuckling from the rest of the kitchen staff!

We're finally home. I had to cut our visit short because although I took two Benadryls I feel like a herd of elephants has taken up residence on my chest. For someone as severely allergic to cats as I am even spending 10 minutes in a household run by felines (my friends have three) makes it impossible to breathe. Now, as I am waiting for my congested chest to loosen up so I can go to sleep, I am planning an email to my friend whereby I am advising him of my intent to never visit again (until next summer when we can sit on the patio) and that he should come over here if he wants to spend some time with us. Think it'll fly?

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