Friday, September 11, 2009

I Still Love Saturdays

I needn't have been worried about finding work to do today. At exactly 3:40 pm my Sous-Chef picked up the phone and called off the two girls who were to start at 5 pm. "Too many people in the kitchen," she said. She is right about that one, anyone could tell you, and I am happy I was scheduled for 3 pm and not 5 pm, otherwise it would have been me getting the night off. Being called off would have been bitter sweet however. I would have liked the time off, sure, who wouldn't? But since I am not a student and this is not a part time job for me, not to mention that I don't live with my parents and I have a mortgage to pay, I would have missed the eight hours come pay-day.

So today, instead of having to look hard for something to do, I walked in and prepped the squid and made egg salad for sandwiches, with dinner creeping up on us before I knew it. I won't bore you with those details for you heard them plenty times now, I'll just say that I was happy it was busy. I am off tomorrow you see, and didn't really feel like going in to work today (there, I've said it) so the dinner rush helped the passing of time. Also, and this has to be said, even on those days when it's hard to get going and head in to work, once I'm serving dinner, it's all forgotten and I'm one with my food. I even escaped without having to sweep and mop today, the Sous-Chef taking on the unpleasant task. All in all it was a good day. Tomorrow I am turning off my phone, this is one Saturday I won't be working, I don't care who calls me. I am already looking forward to Starbucks on the patio and to the two hours I'll be spending with my old friend the Globe and Mail and nothing is going to spoil it. C'mon Saturday! On second thought, maybe I'll just wait another hour; the paper will get delivered and I can get a jump start on it, with a freshly brewed cup of coffee. Aah, the things that please me...

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