Thursday, September 10, 2009

Clean, Clean, Then Clean Some More

I got to work today at 1 pm and found out the bistro was closed until 3 pm. There was a golf tournament going on and the golfers were being fed by the banquet staff in the upstairs dining area. I am still uncertain as to why any of us were scheduled to be in if the bistro would be closed. One week we're getting hardly any hours as the management is tightening the labour cost and the next day we're scheduled to come in and stand around. Go figure.

Since yesterday was also quiet and all the prep was already done there was nothing for me to do but clean and disinfect the station, rotate the containers and chat with the servers. I was bored and felt guilty -- I was getting paid to do absolutely nothing. I am not used to that! We got a bit of a rush around 6:30 and there would be, in the end, enough tables to keep me busy until around 10 pm, but those first five hours between 1 pm and 6 pm were the longest hours I have had to kill since starting work in this kitchen.

I worry that tomorrow will also be quiet. Although Fridays are generally busy, we have our entire staff scheduled for tomorrow which means we'll be bumping into each other all afternoon in search of work. There's maybe enough prep for two people as I had to throw out half our prepped romaine tonight (it was dead) and we are almost out of grilled vegetables. Unfortunately, by the time I arrive at 3 pm, it'll all likely be done and I'll be instructed to clean the hoods or the ceiling, or some such thing. Maybe they'll call me and give me the day off; fingers crossed.

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