Wednesday, October 14, 2009

A Day in Lucy's Kitchen

"A Year in Lucy's Kitchen" is the latest cookbook from my favourite cookbook author and food writer Lucy Waverman. It has been available for purchase -- the book, not the author -- since yesterday and I encourage everyone to buy it. Christmas is upon us and it would be the perfect gift. Don't buy me one, I already have my copy, but do go out and buy it for the cook in your life. There's no cook in your life? No problem, the non-cook will love it too. Trust me! I have been thanked over and over for gifting Waverman's last cookbook, "Lucy's Kitchen" to friends and family alike. In fact my mother-in-law recently hinted that she would like "Lucy's Kitchen" for Christmas this year after seeing how I've refered to it many a time and have given it such enthusiastic props every time Lucy's name comes up.

As I flip through "A Year in Lucy's Kitchen" and look forward to cooking the mouthwatering foods Lucy has thoughtfully selected I am transported to the day I know will forever be etched in my memory: my day in Lucy's kitchen. Due to the fact that I so admire this woman and have a deep respect for her and her privacy I will leave out all the details of my visit. I will say one thing though -- I have never met a more generous, welcoming woman. To Lucy I am a stranger. I am quite possibly her biggest fan but a stranger nonetheless. Despite this she has welcomed me into her home, allowed me to cook in her kitchen and to try the food we cooked and she even listened to my opinion, however inexperienced it might be. I will forever be grateful for today and since there is no way I can possibly repay Lucy for her generosity I can at least do my part in spreading the word about her newest book. Go buy it. Go buy it now. You won't regret it.

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