Wednesday, October 21, 2009

I Dropped The Ball

I dropped the ball today. Unfortunate. However, even if I hadn't dropped the ball, I still wouldn't have been able to remedy the situation.

The problem? Mid-afternoon I went in the back to grab some battered cod tails and realized I had maybe five orders left. I should have noticed yesterday that I was running low thus pulling more cod from the fridge so it can be prepped. Noticing things two hours before service is not good. To make matters worse, when I go to pull more cod out I find there's none left. Damn! The order for tomorrow's delivery has already been placed and it is now past 3 pm which is the cut off hour for a next-day delivery. This means there will be no cod, therefore no fish and chips, for the next few days. I'm already panicking about getting yelled even though I didn't think it was my fault -- whoever pulled the last of the cod out should have written it on the board so Chef could order more -- when Lauren says to me "isn't it already on the board?". I look over my shoulder at the order list and sure enough, there it is, clear as day "Cod". I thanked all my lucky stars today for bailing me out. We do not have to 86 the fish and chips for minimums' weekend, yay! Tomorrow when the fish comes in they can batter it and have some ready. Whew!

We also forgot to order Ranch dressing. It's ok, we can make our own I suppose, it just made it hard for me yesterday to produce Spicy Ranch. I don't know how angry the Sous-Chef will be when she finds out there are now two things I messed up. I guess we'll find out on Saturday.

This week is almost over for me. I am working Saturday in the kitchen and Sunday it's inventory day. The last inventory for the year, where we get to count every scrap of food in the house. Assisting me with inventory this week is our "new girl." She's highly efficient at washing dishes and prepping the odd thing we ask her to help with, hope she's good at counting!

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