Sunday, October 11, 2009

Turkey Anyone?

I am so happy about how things turned out this evening. The restaurant was dead. Deader than dead. I guess everyone was home having their turkey dinners! I think we maybe had five tables come in around 6 pm and when those orders finally came in, the five of us descended upon them like vultures, eager for something to do. Until those tables came there was nothing to do but prep and there was not much of that to be done either. We had to grill chicken but -- and this is going to sound terrible -- nobody was in the mood. The energy was just not there. When you have four people standing around chatting, it's really hard to say "Oh, I know, I'm just going to go grill some chicken breasts!"

The more daring kitchen staff hopped up on the chest freezer and sat there chatting for a good 30 minutes before the Assistant Food & Beverage manager saw them and asked them to get down from there. Usually, when business is slow, some of us get sent home as Chef tries to keep a lid on the labour cost. Since both Chef and the Sous-Chef had gone home there was nobody to send us home and none of us felt that we could go home, much as we wanted to. I was really tempted to take initiative and say that since there was very little to be done I was going home, but I didn't want to get in trouble the next day for leaving!

Finally, after our rush of five tables, the front of the house manager on duty said someone can go home since it didn't look like we'd be getting "slammed" tonight. At the risk of being stabbed by the dishwasher girl who had gotten in an hour before me and who also wanted to go home, I think I had my coat buttons undone even before I breathlessly said "Can I go?" I must have stunned everyone into silence because nobody had answered anything, they just kinda watched me walk out the door after getting the nod. So although I gave up two extra hours of pay, I gave them up so I can enjoy Thanksgiving with my family. I called to tell Jen I was coming home and I arrived just as they were finishing their turkey dinner, my plate piled high with turkey, mashed potatoes, beans, squash, cranberry sauce and gravy, all prepared by my mother-in-law.

The glass of wine and that Courvoisier I had after dinner are starting to take effect but as I go to bed I take time to be thankful for Jen and her family for making my Thanksgiving. Before they came into my life I spent Thanksgiving alone. I would normally cook a small Buterball turkey breast with all the fixings and after dinner I would watch movies. I like this much better but I wish my parents were here.

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