Saturday, October 24, 2009

Hubba Hubba

I returned to work today after being away from the kitchen for almost three days. I was off Thursday and Friday and didn't start until 5 pm today. It was a nice break. Tomorrow will be the last busy day for the season, not much will happen after tomorrow.

When going through the closing routine this evening I couldn't help noticing the empty freezer and dry-storage shelves. I doubt Chef will be ordering any additional supplies for the remaining two weeks. We'll probably be using whatever is left at 86'ing items as we run out of them. I know he definitely does not want to be caught with thousands of dollars of overhead at the end of the season. I am doing inventory for part of the day tomorrow and am definitely pleased with the rather empty state of our kitchen. It should make counting a breeze.

I, like everyone else, am looking forward to the end of the season. I think it's the part I like most about this particular kitchen. I'm there April to November and then I get a break. Sure there's the added stress of seeking new employment but there's an excitement that comes with that as well. Right now I feel like I am two weeks away from a holiday. Although I won't have any time off as I'll be starting not one but two different jobs, I'll have a four month break from this particular kitchen and when I return, in April, I will be refreshed and with renewed excitement at being there. I might even be in a different position, a little higher in the ranks, who knows?!?

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