Saturday, October 10, 2009

The Saturday Before Thanksgiving

As much as I would have liked to stay home with my in-laws this afternoon I had to be at work for the dinner shift. In fact, I had to more than just be there physically, I had to be ready for a busy service. So I toasted my father-in-law with a tiny sip of Courvoisier and off I went. On this sunny, warm Saturday afternoon the golfers would be aplenty and so would the walk-ins as we are merely two weeks away from minimums. You see, at our club there is a food and beverage minimum amount that members need to spend and they all have a steep learning curve (the minimum is not something recently introduced) and wait until the last possible minute to spend their money. If they don't spend it by the last weekend in October, they lose the money.

There is usually an increase in customers during the week leading up to the minimum weekend with the weekend itself being almost unbearably busy. The minimum weekend in July is bad, worse than the October one, but what makes the October one hard is that everyone's had a long summer, and every single member of the kitchen and front of the house staff is looking forward to the end of the season (in November). To make matters worse in the fall we lose some of our younger staff as they return to school, not to mention that someone threw Thanksgiving in there too! Not only are we open on Thanksgiving, we serve a Thanksgiving brunch and I believe there are two seatings. I dare you to try to find a parking spot at our club tomorrow. We keep asking for reserved parking for staff so we don't have to park 10 minutes away but so far nobody is listening.

It was not so bad this evening though, we got out just before 10 pm. I had to clean the upstairs kitchen where the banquet staff cooked the turkeys and thanksgiving brunch (they didn't clean up after themselves). That took me almost an hour and then I cleaned again, downstairs, after we finished dinner service. It feels like all I've done today was clean. Not my favourite job by far but then who likes that stuff? It was made worse by the fact that my Sous-Chef is under the impression that I have gotten to 35 years of age without ever learning how to sweep so she watches me as I sweep and comments on how to hold the broom, how to get under the line, and then how to use an S-motion when I mop. She feels that the push-and-pull motion that I use does not work as well as the S-motion. I disagree but naturally do not say it. Frankly, I think that with the S motion you don't put as much pressure on the mop therefore not really getting the grime off. Not to mention that by swirling that mop around you end up flinging bits of food back under the stoves and fridges. Oh well.

My new schedule comes out tomorrow, I am hoping against hope I will have Thanksgiving Monday off. Gobble Gobble?

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