Saturday, October 3, 2009

Pizza and Hell's Kitchen

A couple more things about the black box thing before I put it to rest. It appears Chef has told everyone about my amazing appetizer and he is putting it on the menu next year when the club reopens after the winter. Feels good. I also learned that Lauren pretty much failed her second black box attempt. I know she didn't care about the challenge and apparently she did not hide that from anyone else either. During the challenge she just wanted to get it over with and rushed her dishes, didn't give 100%, probably didn't even given 50%. It's sad. She's a very young woman, a teenager still, who is learning that the career she chose and trained for is not turning out exactly how she pictured it and is quite disheartened. The attitude is defeatist and I really feel for her. I know things will work out for her in the future but she's got a rough road ahead of her. I do not envy her youth and her situation.

Today's dinner service was busier than expected and I was alone on my station. I forgot to count how many Caesar salads I had put out -- I had told myself I'd count, just for curiosity sake --but tonight it was spring roll night anyway. Spring rolls and Greek Salad were the popular dishes tonight. For the sautee and grill side the hot ticket was the prime rib special; we almost went through an entire rib roast.

I brought home pizza and ate it watching Hell's Kitchen. Another glimpse in the glamorous life of a cook: eat late meals that you bring home from the restaurant -- as opposed to home cooked -- alone, in front of the Tv, as your significant other is snug in the warm bed, already into a deep sleep.

Tomorrow is the highly anticipated Brick Works Picnic. The food is promising to be outstanding. One of the Oliver & Bonacini Chefs, Chef Bangerter I think, has braised tongue to offer, and this is just one example. There will be flavours from all over and I can't wait.

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