Thursday, August 20, 2009

Pizza anyone?

Am thinking about work this morning, particularly about the bruschetta pizza and the smoked salmon pizza, both recent additions to the menu.

Don't know about you, but bruschetta pizza does not really appeal to me. Why have that on the menu in addition to having bruschetta as an appetizer? Do people like bruschetta so much they would be willing to pay for and consume a pizza-sized one? Maybe it gets ordered for the table to share, as I can't imagine someone eating an entire thing on his/her own.

The smoked salmon pizza is a different story. Although skeptical when I first heard of it, I have since tried it and find it to be tasty. It's almost like eating a large cracker topped with smoked salmon, dill and some creamy cheese. Like the bruschetta pizza, it would be quite suitable for sharing because, although tastier and more flavourful than the former, it is also thin crust and lighter on toppings than a more traditional pie. Both are just crust and bruschetta mix, or crust, cream type cheese, salmon, dill and capers, respectively. Also, only the crust goes in the oven, the toppings are added at the end, so both are cold pizzas save for the warmth of the crust, making them more of a snack than a meal in my opinion.

Maybe what these pizzas have going for them is the simplicity, quality and freshness of their ingredients. Unlike other pizzas out there, with these two you can't hide mediocre toppings under a mountain of shredded mozzarella or tex-mex cheese and pray your diners are liquored up enough to like it.

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