Thursday, August 6, 2009

The day off

Since no cook lives in the kitchen, perhaps I should dedicate at least one blog entry to what this particular cook does on her day off.

You're wrong if you think that professional cooks spend their day off preparing meals. Very few of my chef friends cook while at home. Some say they're too tired and spend their time off relaxing, others say that since they cook all day, every day, the last thing they want to do on their day off is cook some more. I still enjoy cooking at home and can only hope that I am different than they and will continue to enjoy it for years to come. It would be terrible if, after I chose to cook professionally because of the love for food, I end up resenting it in the end.

Anyway, back to my day off. Just because my day off is a Tuesday or a Thursday, as opposed to the conventional Saturday and Sunday, it doesn't mean I am free of those pesky errands and chores. My laundry still needs to be done, as is my shopping. I still need to get my hair cut, my dog taken to the vet, and the library books returned. Oh, and in between all that running around I even took the time to prepare a picnic lunch for Jen and I and drove to her workplace with it. How Barefoot Contessa of me!

I got home in the evening feeling accomplished, somewhat tired but excited to cook dinner and with plenty energy left for it! Since I felt like pasta I cooked whole grain spaghettini and tossed it with sauteed smoked bacon, asparagus and zucchini. After plating it, noticing it lacked colour I added some sundried tomatoes. Freshly grated parmiggiano and torn basil leaves finished the bowl nicely. I would post a picture except it didn't occur to me to take one!

As I sat on my patio listening to the waterfall in my artificial pond, with my pasta and the ever present glass of white wine, feeling so serene, I thought of all the folks out there who are missing out on great food because they can't be bothered to cook it.

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  1. I made a huge cooking effort today! I managed to get one dinner out of it before bubba ate the rest when my back was turned. Beastly dog...