Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Life without Internet (and good food) is not worth living!

When I said, in the blog's opening comment, that it will be updated daily, I didn't anticipate that I'll be without internet for four days and counting. I thought of other disasters, of course, like death, dismemberment or illness, but didn't consider the fact that a storm will fry my modem and I might be without an internet connection for days on end. After hours on the phone with Bell, the technician's last suggestion is that my modem may be fried (even though all the modem's lights are on) and they are mailing me a new one. That better be it, I tell you! I am, at the moment, piggy-backing on someone else's wireless network (an unsuspecting neighbour?), but the signal is low and I am not sure how long it will last. My laptop is a relic and I am too embarrassed to show it in public (i.e starbucks) just to feed my addiction. Plus, I'd feel weird sitting there for hours -- it takes hours now for me to get my fix of everything: twitter, facebook, email and all the other gimmicks I've got myself hooked on...So I guess I better start talking food before I get cut off here.

Things have been better the last couple of days, there seems to be a little less tension in the air. Maybe it's because the past week has been quieter than usual and we are not behind on prep anymore -- meaning we are no longer blaming each other for not getting things done. Also different is the Sous-Chef who engages with me more, which I find strange because this is a woman who I thought couldn't stand me and readily took her complaints about me to the Chef. The other day she talked to me about beef tartare. I was wrapping steaks and they smelled so good I couldn't help commenting that I could eat them raw. As she heard this, the Sous stopped what she was doing (she always seems to be within earshot) and asked me: "have you ever had raw beef?" I answered that I had, which must have been satisfactory because she proceeded to tell me what kind of cut I should ask my butcher to give me, and how I should marinade it for a nice beef tartare.

Earlier in the day she caught me sniffing the fresh fish fillets I was checking and told me in great detail what I should smell for. All I know is that good, fresh fish shouldn't smell fishy, but now I hear it's supposed to smell sweet?!? This I'll need to practice on.

Food for thought: Everyone cooks differently and many times chefs have differing opinions on the best way to prepare certain things. How do I know that what I am learning in this kitchen is "the right way?". Yeah, sure, I am supposed to take in everything and try all the different things I learned in order to find "my way", I just don't want to pick up bad habits along the way, habits that will be difficult to shed later on.

Oh, I almost forgot. Tomorrow I start work on the hot side, a new station for me. I believe some restos call it the saute station. We have a new menu and they figured what better time to move someone over than when everyone else is also learning... I guess I should be looking at this as a promotion?

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