Friday, August 21, 2009

I think I liked the old menu apps better

It (the old menu) had a few pain in the neck appetizers, but they were more exciting than the current ones. Much as moaned about having to assemble the spring rolls to order, a task that took me away from the line and got me occasionally in the weeds, they were tasty. The 'upscale poutine', as one of my twitter foodie pals has called it due to the jus, blue cheese and short rib topping, was popular and delicious, as were the duck confit crepes. Sure I groaned each time they were being ordered (which was often) and I didn't think I'd miss them, but I do!

So far the most popular dish coming out of my station, if we don't count the oh-so-common fried things appetizer platter that almost always jams all my friers during dinner, is a salad of spinach with berries, raspberry vinaigrette, pine nuts and goat cheese.

Since we're on the topic of appetizers, I know that today when I go in I'll have to deal with the squid that's waiting to be cleaned, cut and portioned, later to become calamari. As I mentioned in an earlier blog, it's everyone's least favourite job, which is why I would bet money that yours truly is going to be in charge of the task yet again. Oh well, could be worse!

Switching gears completely, I am counting the days till my visit to Waverman's kitchen. Looking back, Lucy's food writing has been the most influential for me, following her recipes my first foray into grown-up food and cooking. Lucy entered my life via her food column in The Globe and Mail delivered to my doorstep every Saturday morning for the past decade, and although I have never met Lucy, I feel as if we are friends. This is because Lucy's personality shines in her writing, be it a recipe, a blog, or a cookbook (of which she has written many). A woman whose writings I've followed for over a decade, Lucy has dedicated herself to teaching and mentoring young talent and has inspired me more than she will ever know. This is why I am deeply honoured to have been invited for a visit to her kitchen, not to mention thoroughly excited. For more information on Lucy, visit

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