Tuesday, August 25, 2009

And Then There Were Two... AGAIN!

Mondays in our kitchen are starting to be quite hectic. Remember last Monday when I was called in early because one of the Sous-Chefs called in sick and there were only two of us to run the line? Yesterday I showed up for my scheduled shift to learn that there would be only two of us again. The other Sous (as in not the one who was sick last Monday) had fallen "up" the stairs as he was carrying chicken and got sent home. I say 'fallen up' the stairs because that is what happened. This was not the toppling down an entire flight of stairs with cases of chicken breast landing atop that you would likely envision had I said he fell down the stairs. What actually happened was that he tripped on one of the steps and since his hands were occupied by the large chicken container he couldn't regain his balance and dove face first into said step, dropping the chicken, busting his knee and something else -- his head? I haven't talked to him so I don't know the extent of his injuries although I hear from others that he was fine. He drove himself home so he must have been.

There was also the time when one dude was having car problems and couldn't make it to work, or the time when one got in a collision on the highway on the way to work, a collision which rendered the vehicle non-driveable thus making him unable to get to work. Feels like highschool, don't it? There's only eight of us in the bistro if we don't count the kitchen help and the banquet staff. Is it possible that Chef hired a crowd that's most susceptible to disease and mishaps?!?

In other news, I am still occasionally working the saute station and the grill and yesterday made a thai chili wrap order and pulled pork sandwich orders. Probably the easiest dishes to make but still... as long as they're on the menu, it's good for me to know them so I can help on that side if it gets nutso. Also worth noting is that yesterday the squid got cleaned and cut by someone else for a change!

Sadly, I didn't get home until well after Nurse Jackie's season finale. It aired again at 3:20 am but there was no way I was going to stay up until 4 am and still be at work for 2 pm today.

Which reminds me, time for my Starbucks fix. Until tomorrow...

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