Saturday, August 15, 2009

Here's to Me!

A few things I'd like to mention right off the bat:

a) I am inebriated as I write this -- does that make you want to stop reading? inebriated... that's a word, right? Sorry, ESL kid here... Maybe I should stop using that excuse, I've been living in North America for 16 years come November. How long can I use the excuse that English is my second language and get away with it?

b) Julia Child would be 97 years old today. It appears she was born Aug 15 1912 (according to wikipedia and other sources) . Too bad it was 60+ years before I would enter the world. As Romania wasn't big on Julia Child when I was growing up -- that whole communism thing -- I never even heard of her until the late 90s after making my escape to the fabulous Columbus, Ohio. Oh yeah, you heard me!

c) I'm ticked off that after spending hours researching vacation rentals in Hilton Head and Key West, Jen just told me she's changed her mind about vacationing at all. All this after seeing someone "walk out the door at work, after getting shit-canned," she says. C'mon, really? That's all it takes for you to give up travel plans? Our dog would have loved this place I found. Ocean front, pet friendly, the works... Oh well, I guess it'll be the Kawarthas this year.

d) As it turns out, half the visitors that my stat counter was picking up were actually me. Yup. I forgot that I had only set up the cookie blocker thingy only my desktop. Since my modem is down and I am using my laptop, statcounter has been tracking my own visits to the blog. Ugh. Not that I read and re-read my own drivel that much, but each time I make any changes to the settings, or just read it because I want to give myself a pat on the back on how fine a writer I am, I count as a visitor. Double ugh. Now that I fixed the problem and statcounter no longer counts my visits, it seems I was the only one reading this blog! Ok, maybe I'm stretching a little. There were a handful of other visitors...

Since all the grievances are almost a blog in itself I will wrap this up shortly, but not before mentioning that I feel oh so proud of myself for surviving Friday dinner rush by myself. Almost. As we had no dishwasher person, my linemate had to do dishes so I had nobody to rely on. Sure I could have asked for help if I got in the weeds but it was a pride thing for me, especially with Chef working the line tonight also. Fridays and Sundays are our busiest night of the week and I made it. It's a big deal to me. I'm new. Up until four months ago I was an insurance adjuster. You know, paper pusher bureaucrat who knows nothing about standing for 10 hours a day in temperatures of 40+ Celsius. Now I can handle the line by myself during our busiest night. If that doesn't make you want to drink to it, I don't know what will! And drinking I've been

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  1. Two of them are me. One when I check at home late at night, and one at work when I check after lunch. (sometimes you write in the mornings, sometimes late at night)