Saturday, August 29, 2009

Another One Bites The Dust

They are starting to say it's a curse. How else could you explain the fact that no sous-chef at our workplace has lasted more than a season? Last year's Sous was let go because although a great cook he was unable to lead his team (or so I hear, I wasn't there last year). This year, the first sous-chef was fired on his very first day for allegedly trying to steal some steaks. The sous-chef that followed ended up resigning shortly after the season started. Since she had worked here the season before, she actually set the record for the longest a sous has stayed. Then there was the Sous who was let go after harrassment complaints were filed by a few females, servers and kitchen staff alike. The current Sous, was neither let go nor did he resign, but is out for some sort of leave, duration of leave unknown.

As I said, folks at work are starting to say it's a curse of The Pope. The question I have to ask though, is at what point does one start to think it might be the place, not the Sous?? We still have one Sous-Chef left (we had two). I don't know if having more than one Sous is common in kitchens or if it's just our kitchen that's staffed in this manner, but we'd be in deep doodoo if we'd lost our only Sous.

Anyway, what this means is that, again, I am going in at 11 am instead of my scheduled shift. I also don't know if I get to have tomorrow off, nor do I know how many 12 hour shifts I'll receive all of a sudden. Not only did we lose a Sous, it is the start of another school year so two of the kids that help in the kitchen (a dishwasher and a line cook) are leaving us also. Sheesh... The next week will be interesting to say the least.

As for the Sous-Chef, I hope he's ok, he was my favourite.

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