Sunday, November 15, 2009

Exciting Times

First off I'd like to share what I am excited about, before I start talking about food. For the first time since I've started working in kitchens, not knowing my schedule from one week to the next, I now am guaranteed to have at least one of my days off be the same all the time. The new restaurant is closed on Mondays. This means I can finally plan some time with friends without fear that I might have to cancel my plans because of my work schedule.

And now we re turn to our regularly scheduled program, thanks for your patience!

The large oven looks very attractive from outside and I think it will look even more inviting on cold blustery nights. We all love looking at a fire and although the restaurant does not have a fireplace, the big flame in the oven replaces one quite well. The fact that it gives off 700F worth of heat will also come in handy when we're all in the strong grip of the long, cold Canadian winter.

Despite the fact we've been open for only one week we are beginning to have repeat customers according to our server tonight who noticed the couple in a booth. Not that I had any doubts about the food but I think it might become something to talk about.

I also had the pleasure today to cook for another Chef -- although when I was cooking I didn't know who it was I was cooking for -- and the food was the best they've had in Aurora in many years. "My wife and I never eat at the same place twice but we will be coming back here."

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