Sunday, November 22, 2009

Saturday, Nov 21

On Saturday Nov 21, my 113th blog entry was 30 minutes late so technically I failed my self-imposed deadline to update the blog daily. Quelle terror!

Although I got off work at 11 pm I was having so much fun sitting at the bar and chatting that I forgot all about having to make an entry by midnight. All you drinkers out there, you know how it goes. You have a drink, then you have another, and the next thing you know you forget all the things you were supposed to do or you remember them but talk yourself out of doing them. "Well, I was supposed to do laundry tonight but I suppose it could wait until tomorrow" or "I was supposed to wash my hair tonight because I have a party to go to and I wanted my hair to look just so but you know what... we can have just one more drink before I go." I wish I could say that was me tonight, I wish I could say that I thought about the midnight thing, at least in passing, but I'd be lying. I did look at the clock at 11:57 pm and even said to the server: "shoot, it's 11:57!" When she looked at me panicked I joked about me turning into a pumpkin at midnight but even then I wasn't thinking about my blog. I was mostly thinking that it was midnight and I should head home but had no desire to. I knew Jen would be asleep anyway so there was nothing to go home to. My Farm Town crops didn't need harvesting, my dishes in Cafe World didn't need to be served for another hour so really, there's no need to rush home. I'll just sit here and have another rum and coke. The complimentary rum and coke (my staff drink of choice) did nothing but give me a nice buzz so I had another, reminiscing with the grrls about old times.

And that, my friends, is why I missed making a blog entry by 30 minutes. We'll just have to consider this one to be for Saturday and the next one will get me back on track although you're still getting the shaft because I've just wasted an entry telling you why I didn't make an entry. Oh well... I'll buy you a rum and coke next time I see you and we can talk about it some more.

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