Wednesday, November 4, 2009

What Shall We Call This?

A friend is taking me out for a drink and a bite tonight but I'll still be making dinner as I can't leave Jen to her own devices; she'd end up eating store-bought bread and butter. In the fridge there's the leftover broccoli and lentil soup I made yesterday but since it won't be filling enough I still need a main for Jen.

I have scallops I need to use and am personally craving spice so will throw together a Chinese inspired dish. I have a wok that my in-laws gifted me for Christmas last year which will help me whip up Jen's dinner in a jiffy. Oil, scallions, ginger, garlic and a few chili flakes will get me started. The scallops will follow. The sauce will be a combination of chicken stock, soy, oyster and hoisin sauce. Thinly sliced celery for crunch and some shredded red cabbage for colour. I have never done this dish before nor am I following anyone's recipe (not that I know, anyway!). I suppose I should write the recipe down so I can make it again and also give it to others if successful but I personally enjoy the freedom that comes from cooking without a recipe and just combining ingredients. (Note I didn't say: throw ingredients together; some basics are needed still)

Although it's Jen's dinner I am too excited about it not to sneak a bite. I'll go make it right now and have some of it for lunch.

Gotta dash!

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