Sunday, November 22, 2009

Rookie Goes Downtown

I've been a slacker, I know. It soon will become literal, sort of, as I'll be cooking at Slack's every now and then, so I'll be even more of a Slack-er. Get it?

Having house guests has a way of interfering with life as one knows it. Between work, demented dogs and house guests I've hardly had time to myself. I've found myself having to get dinner together in 20 minutes (before leaving for work) and as much as my job is about learning to quickly put food on the table, I don't like being rushed when I cook at home.

After getting home after midnight on Saturday and then staying up till 2 a.m it wasn't easy to get up Sunday morning. After making a herculean effort I managed to rouse around 9:30 as I had to feed my house guests breakfast. Everyone was up, starving and waiting for me. Jen informed me her parents were taking us out for brunch. Yay! Off we all went at the nearby "Tonia's" all day Breakfast and Lunch place. We returned after 1 pm and I had exactly an hour to come up with dinner for the troups and make it before going to work at 2 pm. Back home again at 11 pm and in bed at midnight to catch up on the sleep I missed the night before. Time to blog: Zero.

Not to mention that Sunday was so dead at work that I've hardly any material to blog about. If I don't count the venting session Chef had about how he "looked like a jackass" when a table ordered Nachos and he had no guacamole since I failed to pull some out of the freezer the night before, it was all very uneventful. Well, except for the part where he had three tables who ordered sandwiches and he had no root chips to serve because nobody told him we were out of root chips which also caused him to hyperventilate... Other than that, it all went smoothly. Until a pizza stuck to the oven and he had to make another. Thank goodness because by now I was getting hungry and when the destroyed pizza became staff pizza we all got fed. Out of there at 9 pm and into bed till next morning rounds up the weekend's activities.

See? You didn't miss much. I promise. I am going to Slack's on Wednesday, bring on the women!

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