Thursday, November 5, 2009

You Ready To Cook?

I called Chef Ken today and he asked me: "You ready to cook?"

I am to prepare for a long day tomorrow, and since he's short on knives I am to bring my own. No problem! Knives, I have. A way to transport them safely to the resto, not so much. I guess I'll just wrap 'em in a towel and stuff them in a backpack or something. You see, I never got around to buying a knife kit, there was no need for one. At the club's kitchen I used the kitchen's knives which we have bought from Nella. I know I'll need knives for when I go to school but I always thought I'll deal with it then. So... this is why I have no way to take my home knives with me to the kitchen.

I asked Chef if I should wear "my stuffs" and he replied that typically he prefers no clothes whatsoever in the kitchen but since the safety board frowns upon the practice I should probably wear something. He'll be wearing a Chef jacket and jeans tomorrow. I'll do the same since we're not really open for business yet so I don't need to pull out the heavy duty kitchen pants. I can't wait. I could go there right now just to hang out and get more info on tomorrow but I don't want to seem too eager! I can't wait to cook with him all day. Real cooking, not just assembling plates. We'll be cooking and testing all day. Woo-hoo!

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